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Well-Being at Stanford Coaching

Well-Being at Stanford Coaches are experts in the change process and serve as skilled partners to help you make shifts in beliefs and behaviors to improve your overall well-being, or simply offer support when you’re struggling.  With them, you can clarify values, set goals and priorities, talk through challenges, and create your own vision for well-being.

If you can't find an available coaching session from any of the coaches below, please email

Coaches & Scheduling

Please look through the coaches below to find a coach who you may best fit your needs. Coaching sessions are bookable up to 21 days in advance. For example: On March 7, you can book a coaching session as far out as March 28.

kashi (km) zabaleta hinojosa (they/she)

Well-Being Coach for students served by community centers and ethnic theme dorms
Student Support Specialist

Specialties/interest areas: Neurodiverse Skill Acquisition, Anti-Racist and Anti-Violence Pedagogy, Trauma-Informed and Restorative Justice, Gender and Sexuality Studies, First Generation/Student Education Experience, Student of Color Retention, Disability Justice/Inclusive Pedagogy, Indigeneity, and Community Wellness. All other topics also welcome! Email:

Schedule a session here: 

Coaching with Kashi

Bryan Lian (he/him)

Well-Being Coach for Knight-Hennessy Scholars & Campus Nutritionist, MS RD CEDRD

Specialties/interest areas: self-care, reconnection/integration, sustaining motivation and change, compassion, life transitions, and yummy mindfulness. All other topics are also welcome! Email:

Schedule a session here: 

 Coaching with Bryan

Note: If you're seeking nutrition counseling, please find a nutritionist appointment via VadenPatient

Angela Estrella (she/her)

Well-Being Coach for graduate students
Student Support Specialist

Specialties/interest areas: Life transitions, sustaining motivation and change, mindfulness-based stress reduction, self-care, self-compassion, identity and navigating cultural differences, healthy relationships and families, and restorative justice practices. All other topics also welcome! Email:

Schedule a session here: 

Coaching with Angela

Maija Cruz ('12) (she/her)

Well-Being Coach for students served by community centers and ethnic theme dorms
Student Support Specialist

Specialties/interest areas: Holistic wellness, mental health, resiliency, cultural & positive psych nerd, intersectionality, supporting those who feel othered by the academe, encouraging indigenization of mindsets and processes. All other topics also welcome! Email:

Schedule a session here:

Coaching with Maija

Brianna Griffin ('11) (she/her)

Well-Being Coach for undergraduate students
Student Support Specialist

Specialties/interest areas: dream/goal-oriented coaching, reclaiming one’s values, self-compassion, resilience, individuation, stress and careers, pre-med stress and anxiety, identity and navigating cultural differences, authentic well-being and flourishing, healthy relationships. All other topics also welcome!Email:

Schedule a session here: 

Coaching with Bri

Donnovan Somera Yisrael ('89) (he/him)

Senior Health Educator, Mental Health & Well-Being, MA

Specialties/interest Areas: living with purpose, motivation, procrastination, decision-making, relationships, sexual health, gender roles, facing uncertainty, disappointment & grief, wrestling with religion/spirituality, the science of happiness and adding inspiration to your aspirations. All other topics also welcome! Email:

Schedule a session here: 

 Coaching with Donnovan

Colin Campbell ('11) (he/him)

Assistant Director, Well-Being at Stanford, MPH

Specialties/interest areas: relationship to food and exercise, body image, sleep and recovery, identity and navigating cultural differences,authentic well-being and flourishing, masculinities, healthy relationships. All other topics also welcome! Email:

Schedule a session here: 

 Coaching with Colin

Inge Hansen (she/her)

Director, Well-Being at Stanford and Weiland Health Initiative, PsyD

Specialties/interest areas: Gender and sexual diversity; integrating mind, body and heart; healthy relationships and families; exploring/questioning identity and navigating cultural differences; creativity and visualization. All other topics also welcome! Email:

Schedule a session here: 

Coaching with Inge

Coaching over Zoom or phone call

With many of our coaches you can choose whether you want your coaching session to be over Zoom (with or without video) or over the phone. We give you this option because there are different advantages (and drawbacks) to each method. Using Zoom you have the option to see your coach, which may be important for you when building a relationship with them, especially in your first session. On the phone vulnerability and personal sharing may come easier since you aren't visually being seen by another person, instead just speaking into a sort of void with a warm, caring, present guide on the other side. Benefits and drawbacks likely depend on your particular technology setup, but can also be based on what will make you feel most comfortable. Zoom comes with it's spotty internet lagging issues, but you can make decisions about video on/off within a session. Phone connections may be more reliable depending on your physical location, but you may really need non-verbal communication, which is difficult without video. Luckily, downloading Zoom on your phone can allow you to flex video on/off, change your physical location (go on walks, find privacy, etc.). Whatever you choose, you're never locked in to that mode of coaching. Feel free to tell your coach whenever you'd like to change things up.


Additional coaching resources

Mind Over Money Financial Coaching

Financial coaching strives to help students develop skills and behaviors they can improve upon independently over time.

To book an appointment, visit:


Grad Coaching

Graduate programs, whether masters, professional, or Ph.D., will challenge you in ways that are very different from undergraduate college. Common challenges include undefined schedules and greater independence, or, alternatively, tight timelines to finish your program while job hunting or addressing other, non-academic needs. Your Academic Coach will engage you in an understanding conversation that elicits your own insights and builds on your strengths. We can help you build your new insights and strategies into habitual ways of thinking and choosing, resulting in a more rewarding and productive graduate experience.

To book an appointment, visit


Academic Coaching

Academic life at Stanford can be challenging. The pace, complexity, and volume of material encountered in the quarter system challenges students to learn more effectively and efficiently. Our academic coaches help you navigate these challenges by providing you with the tools to balance the many demands that are placed on you as a Stanford student. We work one-on-one with you to help you improve your academic strategies, suggest changes to your approach, find school/life balance, and provide encouragement as you implement new ways of learning.

To book an appointment, visit


Career Coaching at BEAM

We engage with students to help them design their career pathways, venture into new opportunities, and pursue their job search. BEAM guides students to make connections that will serve them on the path to meaningful work.

To book an appointment, visit:


Pastoral Care at Office for Religious & Spiritual Life

The Office for Religious & Spiritual Life (ORSL) is available to provide pastoral/spiritual care to the Stanford community. 

Pastoral/spiritual care is a type of confidential care and counseling provided by spiritual and religious leaders. It involves non-judgmental and compassionate listening that allows people to share their joys, concerns, and hopes in the context of their full humanity, and for many, their spirituality or philosophy, with the goal of fostering a person’s spiritual and existential wellbeing. Pastoral care can offer support for topics including grief and loss, relationships (including romantic and non-romantic, family) vocational questions, meaning and purpose, stress, religious traditions and difference; ethical dilemmas, sexual/gender identity and religious upbringing in conflict.

ORL staff:
ORL e-mail:
Primary telephone contact:  650-723-1762