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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

Students at Dragfest 2022. Credit: Sydney Osifeso

Weiland Clinical Services

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Weiland Queered Services: a spectrum of services for a spectrum of experiences. Weiland prides itself in centering queer experiences within all of its clinical services, including collaborative individual therapy, consults for gender based-care such as hormones or surgery, issue-specific group programming, and drop-in community hours. Through our affirming and intersectional services, we hope to help you in your journey towards acceptance as you ground yourself in your truth. 

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Weiland Clinical Services Infographic

Note: click on the graphic to see the entire flow card and how to access services!


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Weiland Health Initiative continues to provide virtual clinical services. For more information on these services and how to access them, please peruse this PDF!

Gender identity concept. Credit: @freepik
Available to all students, including those in staff roles supporting others across the gender and sexuality spectrum.

Weiland Connects 

Weiland Connects visits are one-time, 30-minute sessions held via Zoom where you can speak confidentially with a gender and sexuality-affirming clinician. These sessions can be booked via VadenPatient. Weiland Connects are a great place to learn about your therapy options on and off campus, discuss gender and queer affirming resources, or have a one-time consultation. These can be booked even if you are not in California. 

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Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy (GAHT) at Vaden

Some people who identify as transgender or gender expansive choose to go through a process of transitioning from the gender they were assigned at birth to the gender that is consistent with their identity.  The process of transitioning involves many aspects of a person’s social, emotional, and physical life.  In terms of physically transitioning (hormones and/or surgery), there are many options. The transgender/gender expansive experience lies on a spectrum, and many individuals can choose from a variety of options to reflect a gender expression that best aligns with their identity.  Some transgender/gender expansive people decide to take hormones but don’t do surgery, while others do surgery but not hormones.  Some do both.  Some do neither.

Regardless of gender identity, the decision to physically transition lies with the individual.  It’s your decision what you want to do within the time frame that is comfortable for you.  It is the doctor’s or counselor’s job to guide you along the way.

There are many physical, emotional, social, and legal challenges that transitioning persons must face, and Stanford students are no different.  The providers at Vaden Health Center recognize both the challenges and the joys of transitioning and are here to support you.  Some people who transition choose to change their name and pronouns, so please let our providers know the name you prefer and the pronoun that is appropriate for you, and ask that they note this information in your file.

  • Note: While Weiland continues to hold virtual GAHT consultation sessions, it will be some time before moving on to an in-person medical appointment due to current COVID-19 precautions.

Learn More about GAHT at Vaden

We are in the process of shifting our language to Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy (GAHT) from Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). This link takes you to a quick Instagram gallery explaining why. 

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Group Therapy

QTrees: An LGBTQIA+ Therapy Group

This group offers a place for support, processing, community, growth, and resilience for students on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Topics may include navigating intersectional identities, belonging, questioning, coping with discrimination and stigma, and finding queer vitality and joy. This group forms and stays together with the same members meeting weekly for 6 weeks.

  • Dates and times: TBD
  • How to access: Meeting with one of the facilitators is required to join this group.
    • Sign up on the “INTEREST LIST-QTrees LGBTQIA” on Vaden Portal and one of the facilitators will reach out to schedule a meeting to meet you and talk more with you about the group.
    • Your therapist or CapsConnect can also add your name to the interest list
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Want to make a Zoom appointment with Weiland? Go to VadenPatientPortal to sign up for one of our virtual Weiland Connects sessions!

QUOM, 2023. Credit: Micaela Go