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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

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Explore a variety of questions and answers regarding Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line

Frequently Asked Questions

How should students connect with CAPS for non-urgent services?

Students who have not been seen at CAPS can call 650.723.3785 between 9 am and 4 pm (PT), Monday through Friday, to speak with the CAPS Front Desk to get started. Students who have been seen at CAPS previously can send their provider a secure message through the Vaden Student Portal or call the CAPS Front Desk to reconnect with their provider.

Are CAPS visits in-person? How does this work?

A core team of CAPS staff are on-site at Vaden each weekday.  Due to physical distancing needs we are currently seeing most students virtually unless there is a specific need to meet with a student in person.  We encourage students to call before coming to CAPS for any unscheduled visits. When you contact CAPS, please discuss any logistical needs you may have regarding your appointment, including any difficulty in finding a private space to speak.

  • For tips on getting the most out of telehealth visits, students can review this resource: TeleHealth Visit Tips.

Are there other options I can use for brief therapy?

In an effort to increase mental health resources for Stanford students this year, CAPS is offering an additional therapy option for students via a new, one-year pilot program called WPO.  Through this program, students can receive up to 3 free virtual therapy sessions (or in-person sessions if wanted and available) with a therapist, paid for by CAPS. WPO clinicians can also provide single-session therapy right at the time of your call. To access this new therapy service, call:

  • 1.866.212.6113 (enrolled Stanford students currently located in the U.S.) 
  • +1 984.239.2309 (enrolled Stanford students currently located outside of the U.S.) 

When you call, you will reach a clinical provider who will talk about what you need and then follow-up by email with a confirmed, matched referral for you. If you want a same day session, WPO can also provide single-session therapy right at the time of your call.  WPO can also assist you in finding local providers for longer-term care on your insurance plan. 

This option is best for students who are seeking brief support for a specific issue that could benefit from short-term work with a licensed therapist. If you have a situation that may benefit from coordination with on-campus support (such as OAE accommodations or consultation with residential or academic support staff), or think you may need a medication evaluation, please call CAPS (650.723.3785). If you are in crisis or have any safety concerns, please call CAPS (650.723.3785) 24/7 for assistance.

As always, if you have any urgent needs that arise before your appointment with any provider (at CAPS, with WPO, or while waiting for the first appointment with a private practice therapist), please call CAPS (650.723.3785) 24/7 for assistance.

Is CAPS still offering groups and workshops or outreach services?

CAPS staff are offering online groups, available on the CAPS Groups and Workshops page. We have also developed videos with selected content from our clinical groups and workshops which can be accessed here. 

I need more support related to the transition onto campus this year--what resources can you share?

CAPS partners with multiple groups on campus and we are very grateful for the many resources open to students to support health and well-being in this time of transition. 

Check out the Trees Together, Transition Together website where you can find many different types of resources for support in this transition- classes, groups, support sessions, events, activities offered across campus to meet a variety of needs that may be coming up for you.  

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line

Regardless of location, students can call CAPS 24/7 for urgent support: 650.723.3785