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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

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New students have the option to enroll their dependents in the Stanford Student Dependent Care Insurance Plan ('Dependent Care') when they first matriculate at Stanford. This is the one and only time during an academic career at Stanford when a student can purchase the plan for dependents, unless a qualifying life event occurs at a later time.

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Dependents are eligible for enrollment in the Dependent Care plan as long as you (the student) are enrolled in Cardinal Care, the Stanford-sponsored student health insurance plan.

Cardinal Care members eligible dependents include 

  • Spouse (unless you are legally separated or divorced). 
  • Registered Domestic Partner 
  • Unmarried children until age 26. 
  • Unmarried children over age 26 who are unable to support themselves because of a physical or mental handicap that occurred before age 26.