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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

Students at a house party.

Sober Monitors

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If you're having a party at Stanford then a sober monitor is required, per Party Planning Guidelines, you have Sober Monitors present at your event.  

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We Require Sober Monitors for a Few Reasons

  • To ensure you, as the host, have help managing your party
  • To help incase of an emergency
  • To intervene in potentially harmful situations
  • To create a safe and fun party for everyone

This FAQ and test are meant for you, as a host, to take in order to provide guidance for your Sober Monitors, but also for your Sober Monitors to take to give them a better understanding of their repsonsibilities.  This guide is not meant to cover all possible scenarios but to give a broad overview and helpful strategies for Sober Monitors to use.