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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

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Stanford Living Education (SLED)

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Wellness. Leadership. Life. 

Educating the whole student to live, lead, and create a flourishing world for all. 

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Education for Life. 

Wellness Education

Exploring the science and practice of wellbeing in all areas of life to support whole-person living.

Leadership and Social Change.


Developing leadership and changemaking capacities to support individual and community flourishing.

Contemplate. Embody. Create. Integrate. 


Cultivating “whole students” through the integration of creativity, scholarship, embodiment, and contemplation.

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About Stanford Living Education

Living Education offers courses and learning experiences that educate the whole student with ideas, skills, and experiences that enhance wellbeing and flourishing. Living Education’s curricular opportunities offer students relational, purposeful, creative, integrative, and proactive pathways to wellbeing and flourishing. Our instructors innovate in the fields of wellbeing, leadership, and flourishing by integrating teaching, scholarship, and practice. Our individual and collective work is grounded in living the values and practices we teach, and our activities and objectives are rooted in justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.