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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

Palo Alto, CA USA March 19, 2016: Hover Tower in Stanford University on cloudy day. Credit: spvvk / Deposit Photos

More About Weiland

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Weiland staff also work to plan spaces, collaborations, and events beyond traditional therapy spaces and services.

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Every quarter, Weiland holds a virtual discussion, support, and community space series created directly from requests by you, the students. Each meeting hopes to create space for a particular group to explore the unique experiences, challenges, and positives of questioning identity. Food provided and no RSVP necessary!

  • All are welcome to drop-in. However, we ask that you join the discussion only if you identify with the week’s topic. Thank you for understanding!
Illustration of person in yoga pose and made out of flowers. Credit: Vasilek / Deposit Photos

Queer Yoga

Join the Weiland Health Initiative and YogaX in a queer community space of movement, group discussion and reflection time focused on yoga and life beyond. Our collaborative goal is to not only move, but to be moved! All bodies and identities are welcome! This class will be for all levels of yoga experience and will provide variations for poses and props to meet ALL body needs. Potential props needed: 2 blankets, 2 blocks/stacks of books that are at a similar height,  and willingness to let your intuition guide your movements. We will be outside of Kingscote Gardens! :)