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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

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Vaden Health Services is committed to the health of queer Stanford students by providing both specialized care and inclusive services. Vaden Health Services houses both Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) and the Weiland Health Initiative. The Weiland Health Initiative focuses on serving students across the spectrums of gender and sexuality through therapy, programming, education, and advocacy.

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Since systems impact individuals’ health, Vaden is committed to providing ongoing inclusivity training for its providers, continued reform of Stanford medical and administrative structures, and advocacy in navigating health care on and off of campus. 

Below you will find information on the clinical services that Vaden Health Services provides. For more information on the systemic, educational, and advocacy work being done, please visit the Weiland Health Initiative.

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CAPS and Weiland therapists are available to help students experiencing a wide variety of personal and relationship concerns. Visit the CAPS homepage or call 650.723.3785 to make an appointment. During your initial CAPS Connects appointment, inform the clinician that you would prefer seeing a CAPS or Weiland therapist who has specialized training in working with gender and sexuality. You also can identify a counselor with extensive training in LGBTQIA+ mental health issues at CAPS by an asterisk posted next to their name and a note on their Staff Page profile.

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Medical Services

For specific questions or services around gender affirming care, you can make an appointment with a Vaden clinician with experience in transgender health care at the VadenPatientPortal by checking the “Transgender Health Care” box. Providers have been trained and strive to use whatever language students find most comfortable regarding sex, gender, pronouns, and identity.

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Gender-Affirming Care

Vaden Health Services offers specialized services for folx exploring their gender and gender affirming care. Below you will find information on these services, how to access them, and some frequently asked questions.

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Glossary of Terms Related to Transgender Communities

Terminology frequently morphs within LGBTQIA communities, and a word that means one thing in one community may mean something else in another community. The terms used here are commonly used in the Stanford LGBTQIA community.

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Sexual Fluidity

For some people, sexual orientation and desire are not rigid or continuous throughout their lives; rather, they can be fluid and change over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions: LGBTQIA+ Health at Stanford

Access an FAQ that has been curated by our staff to assist in answering questions for members of Stanford's communities.

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Visit Stanford's Queer Student Resource

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