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Alcohol Poisoning

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Alcohol poisoning is more of a journey than a destination. Take a look at this infographic to know when it's time to get medical help for a friend.

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Alcohol Poisoning: Infographic Copy

If you are ever uncertain about what to do in any situation, you can always call the RD on-call consult (Telephone: 650.504.8022).

Alcohol Poisoning Steps

1. Buzzed

Sense of euphoria, slightly slowed reaction time, sometimes more talkative, and not as aware of volume. Decreased inhibitions. Be a good friend and intervene if this person begins to drink too much too quickly. It's more likely their intent is to maintain their buzz rather than get wasted, so help remind them to not overdrink. 

2. Severe Intoxication

Slurring words, eyes not tracking well, stumbling or wavering. These are signs that the central nervous system is significantly depressed. Stay with this person. Call your RA, if needed, and don't let them drink any more. 

3. Vomited 

If a person has vomited, it's a sign that their alcohol metabolism processes are in overdrive. Repeated vomiting puts them at risk for severe dehydration and may necessitate medical attention. Stay with this person and watch them. Call your RA for help and call 911 if the vomiting doesn't stop.

4. Found in a Strange Place

If you come upon a person who is wondering on their own or laying down on a bench, you should check-in with them. They may be experiencing a blackout and/or disorientation. Try to sit them up and see if they are coherent. Call your RA for help. Call 911 if they have become unresponsive.

5. Passed Out and Not Easily Aroused

If a person seems to be passed out try to wake them. If they do not wake up or are incoherent when they do, this means their central nervous system has begun to shut down (think breathing and heart rate). Call 911 Immediately and call the RD on call. 

6. Slowed Breathing

If someone is breathing irregularly, slowly, and gasping for air; this is a sign their respiratory system is failing. Call 911 Immediately and call the RD on call. 

7. Blue Lips

If someone has blue colored lips, this is another sign that their body is not getting enough oxygen. This is a sign of respiratory system failing. Call 911 Immediately and call the RD on call. 

8. Totally Unresponsive

If someone is not easily aroused and/or they are non-communicative when you speak to them, they require medical attention. Again, the central nervous system has been significantly impaired.  Call 911 Immediately and call the RD on call. 

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line

When in doubt, call 911. DO not leave someone alone. Make them sit up or put them in the bacchus position while you wait!