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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

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SUPER provides research-based alcohol and drug prevention and early intervention programs, education and resources for the Stanford community via peer educators and professional staff. Our goal is to mitigate high-risk alcohol and other drug usage and their related harms among Stanford students by utilizing health promotion principles through collaborative, cutting-edge, empirically-proven educational strategies and programs.

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SUPER is a unit that reports to the Associate Vice Provost for Health and Well-Being and Executive Director, Vaden Health Center.

SUPER Objectives

Deliver impactful alcohol and drug education and risk reduction programs across campus. Consult, advise and offer resources to campus partners on substance use issues. Create outlets and space for students that de-emphasize substance abuse and promote resilience and recovery. Shift campus culture away from binge drinking and drug use. Collect data to assess trends and evaluate needs on an ongoing basis. Finally, empower students to build a campus culture encompassing safety, flourishing and wellness.

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Learn more about SUPER's people, policies and our reports below. 

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University Policies Related to Substance Use

Connect with and explore important university policies related to substance use.  

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SUPER Reports and Current News

Read various reports created by and in collaboration with SUPER.

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 Who We Are

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Stanford Against Hate

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, more attention and awareness has grown around long standing issues of oppression and injustice.