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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

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For Student Organizations & Student Staff

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For student organizations, our office is available for consultation on substance use related education for your group, building a culture of health and well-being as it relates to substance use topics in your organization, and other health promotion work as it relates substance use.

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Party Planning Guide

The party planning guide is a resource providing Stanford's communities with up-to-date information and polices to help ensure an event's success. 

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Schedule a Training

The Office of Substance Use Programs, Education, and Resources empowers the Stanford community to reduce high-risk drinking and its related negative consequences, make informed decisions about alcohol and drugs, and increase social outlets that support non-drinkers and light drinkers. Through collaborative education, SUPER facilitates open dialogue on a variety of topics related to alcohol safety and campus culture. Because of this, we strive to develop intentional education that is comprehensive and individualized to meet the unique needs of your community. To help us create a training that is effective in content and facilitation, please be as specific as possible in answering the following questions.

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Mitigate high-risk alcohol and other drug usage and their related harms among Stanford students by utilizing health promotion principles through collaborative, cutting-edge, empirically-proven educational strategies and programs.

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