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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

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Wellness Education

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Education for Life. Exploring the science and practice of wellbeing in all areas of life to support whole-person living.

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Wellness Education students in-class.

More About Wellness Education

Wellness Education offers primarily 1-2 unit courses spanning a range of subjects including mindfulness and meditation, financial wellness, social and emotional health, sexuality and identity, nutrition, digital wellness, relationship to the body, sexual and relational wellness, movement and embodied practice, behavior change, purpose and meaning. Courses are both didactic and experiential, aimed to provide a thorough introduction to scholarly fields within wellbeing science as well as equip students with practical skills to improve wellbeing in sustainable ways.

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Wellness Education Classes

  • 99  Kinesthetic Delight
  • 102A  Body Mapping
  • 105  Meeting the Moment: Inner Resources for Hard Times
  • 106A&B  Spiritual Wellbeing and Religious Encounter
  • 107  Behavior Design
  • 108  Leadership from Within: Meditation, Creativity, & Connection
  • 110  The Science of Motivation and Procrastination
  • 112  Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Building Confidence
  • 113  Sleep for Peak Performance
  • 117  Changing for Good: Behavior Change Science & Practice
  • 118  Sexual and Emotional Intimacy Skills
  • 120  Sexual Citizenship in Fraternities & Sororities
  • 123  Living on Purpose
  • 127  Driving Your Metabolism
  • 128  Wild Wonder: Deep Nature Connection for Cultivating Wellbeing
  • 130  Meditation
  • 131  Compassion Meditation
  • 132  Breathwork for Wellbeing
  • 133  Meditation Retreat: Weekend Campus Intensive
  • 140  Wellness Through Queerness
  • 141  Flourishing While BIPOC
  • 142  The Art of Grief
  • 150  Intro to Nutrition
  • 152  Mindfulness & Food
  • 162  Digital Wellbeing: Healthy Relationships With Technology
  • 170  Laughter & Play for Wellbeing
  • 171  Laugh to Relax
  • 183  Financial Wellness for a Healthy, Long Life
  • 191  Peer Education on Comprehensive Sexual Health
  • 196  Sexual Citizenship
  • 198  Directed Reading and Individual Studies
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