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Filling a Prescription

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As of June 24, 2019, the on site pharmacy at Vaden Health Center is Walgreens at VadenWalgreens at Vaden accepts prescriptions from all prescribers, whether internal to Vaden or external. Prescribers can send prescriptions electronically to the Walgreens at  Vaden pharmacy system, can call the prescription in, or can provide you with a written prescription to be submitted in person.

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Prescriptions from a Vaden Health Center Clinician

Initial prescriptions written after your visit with a Vaden clinician are most easily filled at the Walgreens at Vaden pharmacy. These prescription orders are entered into your electronic medical record, directed to Walgreens at Vaden and processed by one of the on site pharmacists.

  • Medications are typically available shortly after you arrive at the pharmacy window.
  • A consultation with the pharmacist takes place whenever a new prescription is filled.

Prescriptions from Other Clinicians

If you are being seen or treated by a non-Vaden provider and want to fill your prescription at Vaden, simply let the clinician know you wish to use the Walgreens at Vaden pharmacy. The clinician will either place the order with Walgreens at Vaden electronically, will call it in, or will provide you with a written prescription to submit in person.

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What to Do If You Can’t Come in Person

If your prescription order has been sent to the pharmacy (by either a Vaden clinician or a non-Vaden clinician) but you are unable to retrieve your medication in person, you may designate someone to pick it up for you. In preparation, you must contact the pharmacy and authorize a specific person to retrieve a specific prescription. The person you authorize will need to sign for the designated medication and provide any applicable payment at the time of service. 

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Walgreens at Vaden can be reached at 650.815.2000.