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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

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Appointments for Medical Services

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Vaden Health Services offers support to students with a wide range of care options. Here you can find medical advice as well as general tips, more information about us, health maintenance and prevention guidance, lab/x-ray services, immunizations, and more. 

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TimelyCare expands both the times and the locations where Stanford students can receive care: The service offers 24/7 virtual medical and mental health care and can serve students anywhere in the United States.

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Medical Advice & General Tips

Find information on how to access medical advice, tips regarding appointments with any of our providers, and guidance on where to go when having an appointment. 

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Medical Services: What We Do

Vaden Health Center’s medical services staff can take care of most of your primary care needs.  Making an appointment will help us provide the best service.

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Health Maintenance & Prevention

Vaden offers a wide variety of screening, preventive, and reproductive health services. Many of the services can be discussed in a single visit, choose either a “Health Maintenance” visit or the “Gynecological Visit” if you are due for cervical cancer screening (Pap Smear) or have other gynecological needs. Many of our services can be done via a video or telephone visit or online. 

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Lab & X-Ray Services

Both the laboratory and X-ray suites are located on the first floor of Vaden Health Center. Here you can learn more about our services. 

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Specialists on Site

Access information about specialists who have a focus on dermatology, eating disorders, optometry services, physical therapy, and sports medicine. 

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Vaccinations & Other Medication Injections

The Vaden Immunization and Injection Clinic provides routine immunizations and other injectable medications for eligible Stanford students. Students without Cardinal Care can obtain routine vaccines from the Walgreens @ Vaden Pharmacy.  Any student with Kaiser insurance should contact Kaiser.