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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

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Let's Talk in Community

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Let’s Talk in Community (Zoom) is a way to access a CAPS counselor for a short, informal consultation. Let’s Talk in Community (Zoom) is a CAPS Service offered in partnership with some Stanford Community Centers. Let’s Talk in Community counselors can listen to specific problems in your life, help you consider new ways for relating to or working with a problem or situation, provide resource information and mental health education, and give you a sense of what it is like to meet with a member of the CAPS staff.

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Additional Details

Let’s Talk in Community consultations are

Let’s Talk in Community is for

  • Students who identify with a specific community center
  • Students who have never been in counseling, are not sure if it is right for them, and wonder what it is like to talk with a counselor at CAPS or generally
  • Students who are not interested in ongoing counseling (and have not been advised to access regular counseling) but would like the perspective of a counselor
  • Students who have a specific problem and would like to talk it through with someone
  • Students who are interested in learning more about what campus resources are available to them and how to access them

Let’s Talk in Community is NOT for

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