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Do you offer coaching over Zoom or phone call?

With many of our coaches you can choose whether you want your coaching session to be over Zoom (with or without video) or over the phone. We give you this option because there are different advantages (and drawbacks) to each method. Using Zoom you have the option to see your coach, which may be important for you when building a relationship with them, especially in your first session. On the phone vulnerability and personal sharing may come easier since you aren't visually being seen by another person, instead just speaking into a sort of void with a warm, caring, present guide on the other side. Benefits and drawbacks likely depend on your particular technology setup, but can also be based on what will make you feel most comfortable. Zoom comes with its spotty internet lagging issues, but you can make decisions about video on/off within a session. Phone connections may be more reliable depending on your physical location, but you may really need non-verbal communication, which is difficult without video. Luckily, downloading Zoom on your phone can allow you to flex video on/off, change your physical location (go on walks, find privacy, etc.). Whatever you choose, you're never locked in to that mode of coaching. Feel free to tell your coach whenever you'd like to change things up.