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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

At the annual Student Activities Fair in White Plaza, the GradQ group handed out rainbow flags and LifeSavers candy. Credit Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service


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In collaboration with many departments on and off campus, we provide outreach events, therapy spaces, funding, and more throughout the quarter.

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World Sexual Health Day- North America

Creating & Deepening Connections

Join us for World Sexual Health Day- North America 2022!

Every year, Stanford University’s Weiland Health InitiativeStanford’s SHARE: Education Team, and the World Association for Sexual Health put on a free conference for students, staff, clinicians, and community members called World Sexual Health Day which centers sex positivity, social justice, and intersectionality. This year World Sexual Health Day will be virtually held on Friday, September 9, 2022. Feel free to peruse our past events to get a sense of our agenda and mission:

Due to the ongoing nature of COVID-19, we are having a virtual conference this year which will hopefully expand accessibility to those who cannot normally come in person. With a global pandemic of continuous loss, lockdowns, and distancing, people and organizations have had to rethink, reimagine, and renegotiate their connections to others. Thus this year's theme is focusing on “Creating & Deepening Connections”!

In addition, we are offering 7 Continuing Education credits for psychologists and Masters level mental health clinicians for a $30 fee. 


Queer Yoga

Join the Weiland Health Initiative and YogaX in a queer community space of movement, group discussion and reflection time focused on yoga and life beyond. Our collaborative goal is to not only move, but to be moved! All bodies and identities are welcome! This class will be for all levels of yoga experience and will provide variations for poses and props to meet ALL body needs. Potential things needed: a willingness to let your intuition guide your movements :) We have extra mats, blocks, straps, and blankets to borrow!

Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 pm PT starting Fall quarter!

Until Queer Yoga resumes in fall, feel free to check out these virtual yoga options:

1. YogaX's free recorded classes

2. Jessamyn Stanley's YouTube channel

3. Tejal Yoga: Radical Expression Healing & Euphoria: A series for the South Asian LGBTQIA+ community



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QT Fund

Financial support for students to access gender/sexuality affirming medical, legal & MH services.

email with questions

Look for the next application cycle in Fall Quarter!