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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

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Weiland Health Initiative

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Our mission is to promote mental health and wellness across the spectrum of gender identities and attractions through education, training and clinical services at Stanford and beyond. 

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About Weiland Health Initiative

We are part of a collective of medical providers, mental health professionals, staff, students, and community leaders that are committed to serving the mental health needs of queer communities at Stanford.

Students at Dragfest 2022. Credit: Sydney Osifeso

Weiland Clinical Services

Weiland prides itself in centering queer experiences within all of its clinical services, including collaborative individual therapy, consults for gender based-care such as hormones or surgery, issue-specific group programming, and drop-in community hours. Through our affirming and intersectional services, we hope to help you in your journey towards acceptance as you ground yourself in your truth. 

George Segal's Gay Liberation on the campus of Stanford University. Credit: melastmohican / Deposit Photos

Training, Advocacy, Events & More

Part of our working towards liberation includes actively educating the campus community, leading advocacy efforts, and dismantling harmful systems.

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Through the ongoing efforts of our staff, we have created and compiled multiple resources to help you understand concepts, learn about intersectional issues, and empower yourself.

Dragfest, 2023. Credit: Anthony Chen/Ethography