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Party Planning Guide

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The party planning guide is a resource providing Stanford's communities with up-to-date information and polices to help ensure an event's success. See important updates. 

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Important Updates

New Row House Reservation Policy and Process

Starting on April 18, 2002, there is a new Row House reservation policy and process going into effect.  Please review the policy and process here and you can access the Row House reservation form here.

  • Context: Houses on the Row have held significance to Stanford's student and social community. The system of Row house reservations is predicated on a campus culture of openness and mutual respect. This process - to reserve a community space in a row house - streamlines access for Stanford student groups and Neighborhood Councils to host social gatherings and meetings, while respecting the residential spaces of the community of students who currently reside in row houses. It was built in thought-partnership with Residential Education (ResEd), Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE), Office of Community Standards (OCS), Office of Substance Use Programs Education & Resources (SUPER), Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL), Office of Student Engagement (OSE), and Row house student staff voice.
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Interim Adjustments for COVID-19 (Spring 2022)

Registered Gatherings & Parties

Registered in-person gatherings and parties hosted by undergraduate VSOs, FSL, and residential groups in undergraduate dorms and all Row houses will be permitted outdoors beginning Friday April 1 and permitted indoors beginning Friday April 8. Individual spaces, including in residences, will determine locally when they welcome indoor gatherings.