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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

CST Outreach

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CST is dedicated to campus outreach. Contact us for more information or complete our form to request our support with an outreach program or event.

CST Outreach Form

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Consultation and Other Services to the Community: CST provides a variety of additional services to other members of the Stanford community. For example, the CST is available to support students involved in organizing campus community events aimed at raising awareness of sexual, intimate partner, or gender-based violence (i.e. “Take Back the Night”). This consultation is aimed at supporting the development of trauma-informed events and the provision of support for event organizers and attendees. The CST also provides confidential consultation to faculty, staff, and student-staff regarding their reporting obligations.


Campus Community Services

  • Consultation to student organizers on creating trauma-informed, survivor-friendly events and programs
  • Counseling support at awareness-raising or healing events for trauma survivors
  • Confidential consultation to faculty, staff, and student staff about reporting obligations or resource coordination
  • Support for student allies on how to help a survivor of sexual, relationship, or gender-based violence
CST flyers for past events
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