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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

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Videos to Support Your Mental Health

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Here you can access a wide range of videos support mental health curated for you by CAPS therapists.

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CAPS Groups and Workshops

Grief and Loss at Stanford: Coping and Support for Students

with Helen Hsu, PsyD

Emotion Regulation: Understanding Emotions

with Vanika Chawla, MD

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

with LaWanda Hill, PhD

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Mindful Minutes

Mindful Minutes is a series of very brief mindful practices you can do anytime- you can follow along with the video, guided by one of your CAPS therapists,and you can also practice these on your own. 

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Better Sleep- Sleep Hygiene Tips

This 5 minute video shares tips to help you establish better sleep habits, and tips for how to manage if you have trouble falling asleep. 

with Ariana Davidson, LCSW


Decolonizing Mental Health for Stanford Students

with LaWanda Hill, PhD & Helen Hsu, PsyD

Distress Tolerance- TIPP skills

Vanika Chawla MD

Mindfulness of Emotions

Vanika Chawla MD

Self Soothing with the Five Senses

Vanika Chawla MD

Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique

with Katie Ohene, PhD

Navigating Boundaries in Family and Other Relationships

with Helen Hsu, PsyD

Grounding Technique from Anxiety Toolbox- 54321 Grounding Practice

with Katie Ohene, PhD

STOPP skill: caring for yourself in a difficult moment

Demonstration of how to apply the STOPP skill step by step- steps are identified, then applied it in real time to an example. Use this skill when managing your feelings around conflicts with family or friends.

with Marissa Nunes Moreno, PhD

Emotional Intelligence

with LaWanda Hill, PhD

Health Anxiety and COVID 19

with Aaron Rosales, PhD

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Mindful Smartphone Use

Smartphones have revolutionized how we communicate. However, these devices, while meant to connect, sometimes leave us feeling more lonely and isolated. In this conversation, Dr. Tom Ellis and Donnovan Yisrael discuss ways to avoid problematic behaviors through mindful usage and awareness. 

with Tom Ellis PhD, & Donnovan Somera Yisrael, MS

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