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Frequently Asked Questions about Gender Affirming Care

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What services at Stanford are covered?

CAPS assessment appointments, Weiland appointments, and Vaden Medical Services visits (including those to obtain gender affirming hormone therapy/GAHT, formerly known as HRT) are covered under your Health Fee. Your insurance (Cardinal Care or other Insurance Provider) will determine how much you pay for the hormones/medications, which will be filled at your local pharmacy.

What are my financial aid options at Stanford?

While your initial appointments and GAHT consultations will be covered under your Health Fee, there will be costs involved with getting hormones/medication, surgery, and off-campus therapy. For information on financial support, check out the QT Umbrella Assistance Fund as well as the Financial Aid Office. For help in navigating these and other financial aid options, feel free to email

How can I determine my insurance coverage?

Coverage varies between health insurance companies, states, and plans. Read your policy completely—not just the summary—and look for the exclusions and limitations section. Next, call your insurance company's member services department, or contact a benefits representative where you work. (If you have Cardinal Care, call HealthNet 1-800-977-7282). Here are some questions to ask:

  • Is my selected surgeon a provider with my specific plan? (Provide the representative with your surgeon's NPI number.)

  • If my surgeon is NOT a provider, does my plan have out-of-network benefits?

  • Does my plan cover gender-affirming surgery?

  • How much is my deductible?

For more information on insurance coverage, this website may be helpful. In addition, CAPS provides insurance referral services where a CAPS clinician can help you navigate insurance systems. Call 650-723-3785 and ask to be scheduled with the insurance referral coordinator. 

What are things to consider when selecting a surgeon?

We have an ongoing list of surgeons we refer to, you can peruse them here. Outside of this list, you can contact for additional assistance. 

What are some useful contacts and websites?

  • For mental health support, hormone consultations, and letters of support Weiland Health         

  • For students with Cardinal Care: call 1-800-977-7282 to learn more about your coverage

  • For help with insurance/benefits info, medical advice, and resources on prep/recovery for surgery:

Catherine Crawford-Swent, RN, Continuity of Care Nurse

The process of pursuing gender affirming surgery is informed by the WPATH Standards of Care, Version 7