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Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Get urgent help now

Please see  below on how CAPS has adjusted to the address mental health needs of Stanford students during this challenging and uncertain time.


Regardless of location, students can call CAPS 24/7 for urgent support: 650-723-3785.

1. How should students connect with CAPS for non-urgent services?

Any student who has not been seen at CAPS previously can call 650-723-3785 between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (PST), Monday through Friday, to speak with an access clinician. Students who have been seen at CAPS previously can send their provider a secure message through the Vaden Student Portal, or call CAPS to reconnect with their provider.

Please note: Students are not able to web-book CAPS appointments through the Vaden Student Portal at this time. Please call CAPS at the number above for all scheduling needs.

2. What services does CAPS provide for students in California?

  • 24/7 crisis support
  • Initial and follow-up consultations*
  • Medication consultation*
  • Medication management* (fees apply)
  • Care management consultation and help with treatment planning
  • Referral assistance to find care in a student’s local community
  • Workshops and outreach events

* Health Fee will be assessed if it has not already been paid

3.  What services does CAPS provide for students living outside of California?

Students, regardless of where they live, should reach out to CAPS to help find the support they need.  CAPS has a range of ways to support all students who are out of state, including:

  • 24/7 crisis support
  • Care management consultation and help with treatment planning
  • Referral assistance to find care in a student’s local community
  • Workshops and outreach events

Due to current licensing laws CAPS is not able to provide new diagnostic assessments and ongoing treatment for students out of state, but we are able to consult with all students on their care needs.

5. Is CAPS still offering groups and workshops or outreach services?

CAPS staff are offering online groups for Fall available on the CAPS Groups and Workshops page . We have also developed videos with selected content from our clinical groups and workshops which can accessed here.  Are you looking for an outreach for your residence or department?  CAPS is a member of the Vaden Flourishing Alliance (VFA) which collaborates to provide outreach and support to Stanford students. If you would like to request an outreach or workshop, please fill out the VFA outreach request form here.

4. Are there any additional services being provided during this time?

The Well-Being at Stanford team is offering coaching support services that can be scheduled on line and are available to students regardless of location.  They also have developed a Virtual Well-Being web page with information on virtual resources and events occurring this academic year.

The Confidential Support Team (CST) is providing telehealth and phone support to students affected by sexual assault and relationship violence.

5. Is CAPS still “open"?

We have a small number of CAPS staff on-site at Vaden Health Center from 8:30am to 5:00pm (PT), Monday through Friday. Please call CAPS (650-723-3785) before coming in person so we can discuss how best to meet your needs while also protecting your physical health and safety.

6. Are visits in person? How does this work?

Due to physical distancing, CAPS visits are being offered via Zoom or telephone. While virtual care provides access, convenience and flexibility, challenges include limited access to a private space and unstable internet connection. Please bring up any telehealth challenges with your CAPS clinician.  For tips on getting the most out of telehealth visits, students can review this resource: TeleHealth Visit Tips.

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