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Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Get urgent help now


Regardless of location, students can call CAPS 24/7 for urgent support: 650-723-3785.

How should students connect with CAPS for non-urgent services?

Any student who has not been seen at CAPS previously can call 650-723-3785 between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (PT), Monday through Friday, to schedule an appointment with a CAPS Connects counselor. Students who have been seen at CAPS previously can send their provider a secure message through the Vaden Student Portal, or call CAPS to reconnect with their provider.

Are CAPS visits in-person?  How does this work?

A core team of CAPS staff are on-site at Vaden each weekday.  Due to physical distancing needs we are currently seeing most students virtually unless there is a specific need to meet with a student in person.  When you contact CAPS, please discuss any logistical needs you may have regarding your appointment.

*For tips on getting the most out of telehealth visits, students can review this resource: TeleHealth Visit Tips.

Are there other options I can use for brief therapy?

In an effort to increase mental health resources for Stanford students this year, CAPS is offering an additional therapy option for students via a new one-year pilot program called WPO.  Students can receive up to 5 free virtual therapy sessions (or in-person sessions if wanted and available) with a therapist, paid for by CAPS, through this partnership with WPO.  To access this new therapy service, call: 

1-866-212-6113 (enrolled Stanford students currently located in the U.S.) 

+1 984-239-2309 (enrolled Stanford students currently located outside of the U.S.) 

When you call, you will reach a clinical provider who will talk about what you need and then follow-up by email with a confirmed, matched referral for you. If you want a same day session, WPO can also provide single-session therapy right at the time of your call.  WPO can also assist you in finding local providers for longer-term care on your insurance plan. 

This option is best for students who are seeking brief support for a specific issue that could benefit from short-term work with a licensed therapist. If you have a situation that may benefit from coordination with on-campus support (such as OAE accommodations or consultation with residential or academic support staff), or think you may need a medication evaluation, please call CAPS (650-723-3785). If you are in crisis or have any safety concerns, please call CAPS (650-723-3785) 24/7 for assistance.

As always, if you have any urgent needs that arise before your appointment with any provider (at CAPS, with WPO, or while waiting for the first appointment with a private practice therapist), please call CAPS (650-723-3785) 24/7 for assistance.

Is CAPS still offering groups and workshops or outreach services?

CAPS staff are offering online groups, available on the CAPS Groups and Workshops page . We have also developed videos with selected content from our clinical groups and workshops which can accessed here

I need more support related to the transition onto campus this year-what resources can you share?

CAPS partners with multiple groups on campus and we are very grateful for the many resources open to students to support health and well-being in this time of transition. 
Check out the Trees Together, Transition Together website where you can find many different types of resources for support in this transition- classes, groups, support sessions, events, activities offered across campus to meet variety of needs that may be coming up for you.  

Learn about our training programs: