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Student Mini-Grants

Update:  the application process is now closed for new applications. Please check back in October 2020 for information regarding 2020-2021 funding.


Funding is available to help make your innovative well-being idea a reality!

All students (graduate and undergraduate) are invited to apply for mini-grants to support well-being projects. 

Projects might include, but are not limited to:

  • Foster greater resilience and well-being; decrease stress and anxiety
  • Advance student well-being in the context of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Increase peer to peer support
  • De-stigmatize mental health issues
  • Promote healthy sleep and nutrition habits and body positivity

Your target audience can be the general student body or a very specific student population. You may apply for ONE of the following grants:

  • Up to $300 for a one-quarter project in Winter or Spring quarter
  • Up to $500 for a major campus well-being event
  • Up to $600 for a campus project in Winter and Spring quarters

Submit your creative idea proposal in 500-1,500 words to Carrie Siegel at or fill out the online application.  

Please address these basic questions. Bullet points are fine.

  1. For which grant are you applying?
  2. What is the issue or topic?  
  3. What are the basic actionable steps and timeline?
  4. Who is involved in the project?  (individual students, student groups, majors, department sponsorship, if applicable).  
  5. Who will be your advisor?  Please work with a faculty, staff, or professional campus mental health advisor who will provide guidance regarding sensitive issues that students may raise.
  6. Expected outcomes.  Refer to literature and/or research that supports the impact of your idea.
  7. Evaluation process
  8. Budget (include other funding sources if applicable)

No worries if you don’t have all the details worked out yet.  If your innovative idea is accepted, Well-Being at Stanford will help you further develop your proposal.

NOTIFICATION:   A mini-grant selection team of faculty, staff and students will review proposals. Carrie Siegel, Well-Being project coordinator, will get back to you with the selection committee decision or any additional questions.

Brought to you by Well-being at Stanford with generous support from Stanford Recreation and Wellness.


Contact: Carrie Siegel