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Outreach, Training & Consultation

Our Philosophy

Our outreach philosophy is based on a community health model of care that advocates for mental health and well-being resources to be equitably accessible to all members of a community. Directly serving Stanford communities through outreach is an integral part of our mission, and the reason we dedicate our resources to supporting communities' well-being.

We both recognize and embrace that students come from diverse backgrounds and have unique concerns. As such, we are strongly dedicated to social justice and supporting the needs of all students, especially students from underrepresented and marginalized communities who may feel "othered" by and not utilize counseling or other traditional clinical services. We offer a variety of outreach services with the goal of creating and maintaining a healthy and empowered student population and campus climate.


Request a training, workshop, presentation, or consultation by filling out this form:

 Outreach Request Form

Our Services

Trainings, workshops, presentations

We work with you—students, or faculty and staff—to customize well-being trainings to your needs. We can cover a wide variety of topics, including helping a student/friend who is struggling, intuitive eating, dealing with grief and loss, avoiding burnout, self-compassion, campus mental health and well-being resources, and more. One example of a customized training is the Well-Being and Resources Matrix (WARM). WARM is an evergrowing collection of trainings, designed for student and staff community leaders, that offers a deeper exploration of topics such as building community well-being, and responding to students in need of support. Request a customized workshop/training/presentation by filling out this form: VFA Outreach Request form


Community Well-Being Consultation

Are you part of a community, such as a school, residence, lab, or identity-based group, who could use some support in fostering a healthier culture? Perhaps your community has suffered significant losses, or is impacted by recent national or international events, or is struggling with Stanford work culture or burnout. Often creating a culture of well-being involves more than a single workshop. If you are ready to make sustainable change in your community, we can help. Request a FLiC (Flourishing in Community) consultation by filling out this form: VFA Outreach Request form


Mental Health and Well-Being Liaisons

Often it’s easier to reach out for help when you can connect with a familiar face. Our mental health and well-being liaisons serve as the go-to people for specific residences, community centers and schools. To request a liaison for your student or staff community email