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Staffing the Party

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Though it's not often thought about, successful parties requires "staff" to help ensure they run smoothly.

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Party Staff Roles

  1. Sober Monitors: Sober monitors are students that you recruit to help you control your party. You must have 1 sober monitor for every 25 guests in attendance at your party. Be sure to have specific responsibilities for each monitor (e.g. watching the serving area, checking IDs at the door, monitoring the dance floor etc). Make sure that your sober monitors are easily identifiable (bright t-shirts, hats, etc.). Also make sure that your sober monitors remain sober before and throughout their shift.
  2. Bartenders: Unattended alcohol is not allowed at Stanford sponsored parties. Make sure that you have designated servers who are 21 or older and sober.
  3. Student Staff: If your party will be in a house or dorm, the student staff of the house should be notified. Since you are the party host and responsible for the party, the student staff members do not need to be present at the party. You will need to notify the student staff of any damage to the space or any issues that relate to the house. Register the party.
  4. Clean-Up Crew: As party host, it is your responsibility to order waste bins and clean up after the event. Make this job easier by serving your drinks in recyclable cups and your food on compostable plates. That way all drink waste (cans, bottles, and cups) can be thrown in the recycling bin, and all food waste (plates, forks, food scraps) can be thrown in the compost bin. Office of Sustainability has signage available online to show how to properly sort waste.