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Get Ready

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In advance of your party, we recommend taking steps in order to ensure you are ready to begin accepting guests. Below are recommendations that we've compiled to help ensure a smooth party experience. 

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  1. Create a blueprint for the party. Include elements like the dance area, food/beverage service, and security/staffing locations.
  2. If you are having your party in a house or dorm, be sure to let the student staff know about your party.
  3. If you plan on hosting a large party, having students from out- side Stanford at your party, or hosting an event at Tresidder plan on having a security walk-through with SUDPS to account for any potential issues.
  4. For parties of 100 people or more, Stanford Fire Marshall's Office will do a walkthrough of the building the day of, or the Friday before to ensure there are no safety issues with your house, or location. 
  5. If you live in a residential area, tell your neighbors that you will be having a party.
  6. If you are going off-campus, arrange transportation and security.
  7. If you will not be attending the party, you are responsible for designating someone who will be responsible for your host duties. You should also provide OAPE and all of the people staffing your party with the name and contact information for your replacement.
  8. If your event is expecting to attract more attendees than those living in the house, you must order recycling, composting, and/or landfill bins from PSSI/Stanford Recycling. Waste bins in houses are designed for only the number of people who live there. Each bin cost about $10 to rent (including delivery and pickup) and can hold the waste of up to 75 people. Order bins online, 3-5 days before your event, by visiting this link.
  9. Make sure your cups and plates are recyclable or compostable. The Axe and Palm sells both recyclable and compostable cups.  For an item to be compostable, it must say the word ‘compostable’ somewhere on it. Stanford accepts all plastics except for #6 in its plastic, metal, glass recycling bins. NOTE: Traditional SOLO party cups are made of plastic #6 and are not recyclable and should be thrown in the trash. Do your best to avoid using nonrecyclable, single use cups whenever possible.