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Retaining Cardinal Care: All Students

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If you decide you want to retain health insurance coverage through Cardinal Care, you must acknowledge your understanding that coverage will remain in effect through the academic year in Axess by the applicable deadline (see below). The decision made at the start of the first registered quarter of each academic year (Autumn Quarter for most students) is binding for the remainder of that academic year. This means that if you choose to be in Cardinal Care, you will not be able to leave the plan until the end of the plan year (August 31). The process for retaining Cardinal Care coverage is the same for domestic and international students.

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Deadline to Acknowledge Cardinal Care Coverage Based on Entry Quarter

Quarter Deadline

Autumn Quarter

September 15 for students entering Stanford in Autumn

(Axess opens on or about August 15th each year for Professional Schools for Autumn Quarter; on or about September 1st  for all other students for Autumn Quarter)

Winter Quarter

December 15 for students entering Stanford in Winter

(Axess opens on or about the last Sunday in October each year for Winter Quarter)

Spring Quarter

March 15 for students entering Stanford in Spring

(Axess opens on or about the second Sunday in February each year for Spring Quarter)

Summer Quarter

June 15 for students entering Stanford in Summer

(Axess opens on or about the second Sunday in April for Summer Quarter each year)

Action item for all students who want to remain enrolled in Cardinal Care

You will need your SUNet ID and password to access the acknowledgement screen in Axess. Go to Axess and follow the steps below to acknowledge enrollment in Cardinal Care: Log into Axess using your SUNET and password/Click on the To Do Item:  Mandatory Insurance Decision/Click on the "acknowledgement" panel/click on "submit"


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