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Frequently Asked Questions: Dependent Health Insurance

Why does the University offer a dependent health insurance plan?

Many students need coverage for their families. As much as possible, we strive to make coverage simple to obtain, free of exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and convenient. The current Stanford Student Dependent Health Insurance Plan (PPO) includes in network access to Stanford Medical Center and to Palo Alto Medical Foundation (Sutter).

Who is eligible to purchase the Standord Student Dependent Health Insurance Plan?

Spouses and dependent children of students are eligible to enroll in the Stanford Student Dependent Health Insurance Plan ('Dependent Plan'). Students must be enrolled in Cardinal Care, the student health insurance plan, before their dependents can enroll in the Dependent Plan. More details are available under Eligibility.

When and how do I enroll my dependents in the Dependent Plan?

New students have the option to enroll their dependents in the Dependent Plan when they first matriculate at Stanford. This is the one and only time during an academic career at Stanford when a student can purchase the plan for dependents, unless a qualifying life event occurs at a later time.

Further details are available under Enrollment.

What if I waive Cardinal Care but want to purchase the Dependent Plan for my spouse?

The student must be enrolled in Cardinal Care in order for dependents (spouse/child/children) to be eligible for enrollment in the Dependent Plan.

How will I be billed for the Dependent Plan?

The subscriber/enrollee pays the monthly premium for the Dependent Plan directly to Health Net. In order to enroll, the Stanford Student Dependent Health Insurance Plan enrollment application needs to be completed and submitted to the Vaden Health Center Insurance and Referral Office.

Why is there only one opportunity to enroll my dependents in the Dependent Plan?

Enrollment restrictions are in place to minimize revolving entry and exit. This design helps keep overall costs down and supports sustainability of the plan.

What are examples of qualifying life events?

Some examples include marriage, birth of a child, and loss of prior coverage by a spouse or child(ren).

If my dependent has a pre-existing condition, is he or she eligible to enroll in the Dependent Plan?

Yes. Pre-existing conditions are not a barrier to enrollment in the Stanford Dependent Health Insurance Plan. However, students must be enrolled in Cardinal Care before their dependents can enroll in the Dependent Health Insurance Plan.

Can my dependents who enroll in the Dependent Plan access services at Vaden Health Center?

Spouses and children of students are not eligible for care at Vaden. However, many other local options for care exist. Dependents enrolled in the Dependent Plan should utilize a Health Net contracted provider in order to maximize the benefits under the plan. (Non-contracted provider coverage typically has higher out-of-pocket associated costs.) Please refer to the Dependent Plan Summary for specific details of coverage. If you need to locate a contracted provider for the Dependent Plan, please visit the Health Net website.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Insurance and Referral Office at the Vaden Health Center at 650-723-2135, Monday–Friday 8 am–5 pm. You may also submit a ServiceNow Ticket to the insurance office.