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Waiving Cardinal Care: Domestic Students

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Once you’ve evaluated your options, you may decide that you do not wish to remain enrolled in Cardinal Care. The process for waiving Cardinal Care coverage differs for domestic vs international students. Please read the information below for domestic students carefully.

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Domestic Student Information for Waiving Cardinal Care 

If you are a domestic student, in order to waive Cardinal Care coverage, the alternative coverage you select must offer benefits comparable to those provided under Cardinal Care. Especially important are the following:

  • The alternative plan must cover the entire plan year (students may not have gaps in coverage).
  • The alternative plan must cover inpatient and outpatient medical care in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • The alternative plan must cover inpatient and outpatient mental health care in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Review your policy carefully before deciding to waive. Waiving coverage means that you will not be eligible to have insurance through Cardinal Care for the remainder of the academic year. The decision made at the start of the first registered quarter of each academic year (Autumn Quarter for most students) is binding for the remainder of that academic year.

Once you’ve decided to waive, you must do so by the deadline that is applicable to you (see below). In order to waive, you must document comparable health insurance coverage in Axess. The waiver screens are located at For students entering in Autumn, for example, Axess opens for enrollment for graduate professional students on August 16th and for all other students on September 1st, and the deadline to complete the waiver is September 15.

The waiver is only applicable for one plan year and must be repeated in any subsequent year for which you choose not to be enrolled in Cardinal Care.

Steps to take if you wish to waive Cardinal Care as a Domestic Student:

If you are a US citizen or US permanent resident, you can waive Cardinal Care via Axess:

  • Log into Axess and click on the To Do Item:  Mandatory Insurance Decision
  • Click on the Waiver panel, and enter your health plan name, group policy number, and phone number
  • Click "submit", and then check your Axess account the next day to make sure you see that the health insurance charge has been waived from your account
  • This is your confirmation that your intended action to waive Cardinal Care has taken place

Domestic Student Deadline to Waive Cardinal Care Coverage in Axess

  • Autumn Quarter - September 15 for students entering Stanford in Autumn
  • Winter Quarter - December 15 for students entering Stanford in Winter
  • Spring Quarter - March 15 for students entering Stanford in Spring
  • Spring Quarter - June 15 for students entering Stanford in Summer
    • Please note:
      • The waiver must be completed by the applicable waiver deadline.
      • The waiver of coverage applies to the entire academic year.
      • You’ll need to provide your alternative health insurance plan’s name, group policy number, and phone number in order to complete the waiver.

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