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Transitioning your Medical and Mental Health Care

If you have a health condition that requires continued medical care we recommend that you speak to your primary care clinician or specialist prior to coming to Stanford in order to plan your transition of care to the university setting. 

If your medical condition has specific treatment recommendations from your current provider, we recommend that you request a Transition of Care Summary from your current clinician.  This document should include:

  • Your diagnosis with ICD-10 code
  • Your current status
  • A brief history of treatments including those which failed
  • Recommendations for care while at Stanford (including medical management and diagnostic tests)

If you are not already independently managing your health care, it is important to plan this transition in advance.  The good news is that there is support for you at Vaden Health Center and Stanford Health Care.  Below is a list of conditions with specific tips on how to transition to the university setting.  If your condition does not appear on this list, the continuity of care nurse, Catherine Crawford-Swent, RN, and Megan Gershon, RN, are available to assist you to plan the management of your health. You may send a message to them through the Vaden Patient Portal or contact them at (650) 725-0984.