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CST is dedicated to campus outreach. Some of our outreach efforts include:

  • Presentation on CST service and access
  • Consultation to student leaders and organizers on creating trauma-informed, survivor-friendly events and programs
  • Counseling support at awareness-raising or healing events for trauma survivors (eg, Take Back the Night, Real World)
  • Collaboration with partner offices (SARA, Title IX, SHPO) on trainings for campus organizations, such as:
    Graduate Life
    Residential Education
    Student residential staff 
    Greek Life
    BRIDGE peer counselors
    Sexual Health Peer Resource Center counselors

Contact us for more information or complete the form to request our support with an outreach program or event.

Outreach form



For life-threatening emergencies call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. For non-emergency assistance call Stanford’s Confidential Support Team 24/7 Hotline at 650-725-9955