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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

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What is CST providing during COVID-19?

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CST is committed to supporting students wherever they may be – on or off campus. CST continues to offer a confidential “first stop” for students impacted by sexual and relationship violence.

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The following services are available to all students, regardless of location, via phone or Zoom video:

  • Initial consultation
  •  Crisis response
  • Brief counseling support
  • Help with understanding rights and reporting options, obtaining academic and residential support, connecting to medical care, obtaining a forensic exam, or addressing safety concerns
  • Support in connecting with other resources as needed

Is ongoing therapy available at CST?

Students living in California, including Stanford campus, are also eligible for ongoing therapy to treat concerns such as PTSD or depression resulting from sexual or relationship violence that occurred during the student’s time at Stanford or in a similar student role. CST can help students with referrals for therapy to address other concerns.

Students living outside of California are not eligible to begin therapy at CST due to state licensing requirements. Students outside California can complete a consultation by video or phone and receive limited support and follow up by phone. We can also help students identify therapists or other services in their local area.

Is web booking available?

CST appointments are available through the online Vaden portal. However, the Vaden portal is only available to students who are currently enrolled and who have paid the student health fee. If you are not able to book an appointment online, or are not able to find a time that meets your needs, please give us a call at 650.736.6933. We often have additional appointment times that are not available online.