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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

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New WPO Therapy Option for Students

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In an effort to increase mental health resources for Stanford students this year, CAPS is offering an additional therapy option for students via a new one-year pilot program called WPO. 

Poppy/Illuminating Decorative Accent Line (CAPS)


Through this program students can receive up to 3 free virtual therapy sessions (or in-person sessions if wanted and available) with a therapist, paid for by CAPS. WPO clinicians can also provide single-session therapy right at the time of your call.

To access this new therapy service, call:

  • 1.866.212.6113 
    • Enrolled Stanford students currently located in the U.S.
  • +1 984.239.2309 
    • Enrolled Stanford students currently located outside of the U.S.
Poppy/Illuminating Decorative Accent Line (CAPS)


When you call WPO, you will reach a clinical provider who will talk about what you need and then follow-up by email with a confirmed, matched referral for you with a confidential, private therapist in the community. If you want a same day session, WPO can also provide this right at the time of your call. WPO can also assist you in finding local providers for longer-term care on your insurance plan. 

The WPO option is best for students who are seeking brief support for a specific issue (resolving a conflict, making a hard decision, coping with increase in stress) that could benefit from short-term work with a licensed therapist. 

  • If you have more complex or urgent needs, medication needs, or situations that you think would benefit from coordination with campus offices, please call CAPS (650.723.3785) to get connected for care. 
  • If you have any crisis needs that arise before your appointment with any provider (at CAPS, with WPO, or while waiting for the first appointment with a community clinician), please call CAPS (650.723.3785) 24/7 for assistance.