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Outreach and Consultation

Outreach Prevention, Consultation, and Social Justice

What is Outreach?

Outreach is probably a word you hear a lot. In different contexts, it can mean different things.

Here at CAPS, Outreach is an integral part of the activities performed by our staff. In general, outreach is a treatment philosophy based on a social and community mental health model of care that advocates for a comprehensive range of mental health services to increase access to as many members of the community as possible.

More specifically, outreach is our way of extending the caring wisdom and expertise of the traditional counseling session into the broader Stanford Community. With outreach we are able to reach larger amounts of students in shorter amount of time. We embrace that students come from diverse backgrounds and have unique concerns. CAPS is strongly dedicated to social justice and reaching out to all students especially those from underrepresented identities, and marginalized communities who may not utilize traditional counseling. Our center offers a variety of services with the goal of creating and maintaining a healthy, empowered, student population and campus climate aimed toward academic and social success.

Outreach Services

We achieve our outreach goals through providing a wide variety of services and programing such as:

  • Workshops, trainings, roundtable discussions, panels, groups, and lectures that focus on student’s social, personal and academic effectiveness.
  • Consultation with faculty, staff, parents or students concerned about a Stanford student
  • Advice on how to refer a student to counseling

 In addition CAPS has created a host of satellite clinics. You can meet with a CAPS clinician at the following additional locations:

  • Asian American Activities Center (A3C)*
  • El Centro Chicano Y Latino
  • Markaz Resource Center serving students of the Muslim world*
  • Native American Cultural Center (NACC)*
  • Terra House serving the LGBTQIA+ community* 
  • Kingscote Gardens
  • Stanford Law School*

*Sessions are web-bookable using vadenpatient

Collaborate with Us!

If you wish to collaborate with a clinician to have an event for your student group, classroom, or organization, you can now request an outreach service by competing this Outreach Request Form.

Our staff believe that it is important to offer programs where students, faculty and staff work and live. We want to actively engage with you all and create a healthy campus environment by preventing and treating mental health problems.

Be Informed

You can check out upcoming CAPS outreach events on our calendar so you don’t have to miss out!