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Student Internships

Dedicated, enthusiastic students can make a real difference in the health and well-being of their peers. We can help you find a program or project for an internship that matches your personal interests, regardless of your major or field of study. For more information on internships, please contact us at

Well-Being at Stanford Internships:
We offer internships to help students create a campus culture of well-being. Some are volunteer, some are paid, and others offer units.

Departmental Academic Internships: 
Students have developed student health-related internships for credit units within a wide variety of departments that integrate research, coursework and campus service learning. If you are interested in developing an internship with Well-Being at Stanford that fulfills the requirements in your major, please develop a proposal that is approved by your departmental faculty advisor. HPS professional staff are available to support your health and wellness-related internship as your program advisor.

Well-Being at Stanford: Emotional Well-Being and Wellness

Academic Internships

Student interns engage in research, and translate these findings into evidence-based campus programs that educate and empower students to find greater happiness, meaning, and purpose in their academic and personal Stanford experience. Interns have engaged in a wide variety of pursuits, including preparation of educational materials, leadership projects on stress management, meditation, emotional well-being and related health issues that address the needs of Stanford students. Coursework in mental health, positive psychology, the science of happiness and compassion, and related fields is strongly recommended. Engagement in organizations such as C-CARE, the Bridge, SPOM, PHE, or Happiness Collective is a plus.

Paid Internships

Applications are accepted in fall quarter for a limited number of paid non-credit internships for student leaders of the Well-Being at Stanford. Internship opportunities include social media management, campus outreach, and special campus projects that promote student emotional well-being. 

Nutrition and Body Image Internships

Academic Internships

A nutrition internship allows students to conduct research, prepare educational materials, lead campaigns on nutrition and health issues, and translate the latest nutrition findings into influential campus-wide programs. Interns work directly with Vaden nutritionists to design creative, evidence-based programs that address the needs of Stanford students. All applicants should have a foundation in nutritional concepts, and taking Hum Bio 120 “Human Nutrition” is recommended. 

Healthy Body Image Internships

Students can take part in the Stanford Healthy Body Image Program and related projects through leadership that promotes positive, health-oriented changes. The mission of the Healthy Body Image Program is to establish university-wide healthy eating and body image enhancement to prevent the onset and relapse of eating disorders, facilitate treatment for students with eating disorders, and foster a positive culture and environment for all students to achieve healthy weight and enjoy a positive body image. 

Relationships and Sexual Health Internships

Academic Internships

Student interns engage in research, prepare educational materials, lead projects to advance knowledge and practice of sexual health and/or positive healthy relationships as related to student life. All applicants should have a foundation in coursework related to human sexuality. Experience in campus-based sexual health organizations, such as SHPRC is recommended.