Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage

Cardinal Care vision benefits

Cardinal Care vision benefits


Cardinal Care Vision Benefits

Cardinal Care covers one annual eye examination.  If you intend to use the Stanford Eye Clinic under Tier I of your coverage, please contact the Insurance and Referral Office at Vaden so a referral can be entered for your eye exam.  

To help you explore other options for coverage, the Vaden Health Center Insurance and Referral Office maintains a list of local opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists that extend discounts to Stanford students.

Cardinal Care dental benefits

Cardinal Care Dental Benefits

Cardinal Care covers an initial visit to a dentist for injury to natural and sound teeth only. 

Other dental coverage options

Other Dental Coverage Options

Below are some dental insurance plan links that provide information about dental coverage and care.  The Vaden Health Center Insurance and Referral Office also maintains a list of local dentists who have agreed to treat Stanford students at a discount.  The list of discount dentists is included in the dental resource packet available at Vaden.

Optum HealthAllies

Optum HealthAllies

Optum HealthAllies is a dental and vision care discount program offered by HealthAllies Inc.  It is not an insurance program but rather a way to receive significant discounts on a wide array of services.  Vaden Health Center endorses this program as an inexpensive and convenient way to receive discounted dental and vision care.

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