What is Social Drinking?

Social drinking is the consumption of alcohol without reaching the point of being drunk. It is drinking in a safe, legal, and responsible manner, allowing you to socialize. Three or less measured drinks (or a blood alcohol level of up to 0.05%) is considered to be within the social drinking range.

Why Do People Drink in a Social Situation?

  • Drinking is relaxing for many people
  • Drinking alcohol is a social norm in our culture, and is considered acceptable in many situations
  • Drinking is known as a "social lubricant," making people feel more at ease when meeting someone new

What is Within the Realm of Social Drinking?

  • At pre-parties
  • At parties
  • At bars
  • With meals
  • With family members
  • With friends
  • With dates
  • Anywhere alcohol is served

What is Not a Part of Social Drinking?

  • Drinking to get drunk
  • Drinking and driving
  • Binge drinking
  • Drunken sex
  • Stumbling or slurring your speech
  • Blackouts
  • Vomiting
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Legal troubles (drunk in public, minor in possession)

How can I be a successful social drinker?

  • Set limits before you drink
  • Drink moderately (up to 3 drinks on one occasion)
  • Don't take multiple shots of hard alcohol
  • Avoid drinking alone; social drinking is with others
  • Don't play drinking games
  • Don’t do beer bongs or keg stands
  • Don’t go out with the intention to get drunk
  • Don’t drink to the point of drunkenness: vomiting/stumbling, etc.
  • Intersperse non-alcoholic drinks with alcoholic drinks

Social Drinking and Your Health

Research shows that some people who drink lightly (one to two drinks per day) tend to experience certain health benefits. However, it is not healthy to "save up" your drinks and consume them on one occasion. And a person who is a non-drinker should not start drinking simply to obtain health benefits.

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