Steps for Seeking Gender-Related Surgery

Note: these steps are geared toward students who plan to use Cardinal care to cover their insurance.  If you are planning to use a different insurance, please consult with a case manager regarding coordination of care.
  1. You will need a letter from a mental health professional documenting your readiness for surgery, as per WPATH Guidelines.  If you are getting bottom surgery, you will also need a second letter from a separate mental health provider.  If you have a CAPS therapist, or a private therapist, talk with your therapist about getting a letter. Speak with a CAPS Case Manager or with your therapist if you need assistance obtaining a second assessment and letter.
  2. Select the MD provider you would like to have for your surgeon. (If
    you have not already selected a provider, consult with CAPS Case Manager, your therapist or a Vaden Trans* specialist MD about referral options)

  3.  An MD must make a referral to Health Net for pre-authorization of your initial consultation appointment with your chosen surgeon. If you would like Vaden Health Center services to help you set up the initial consultation appointment with your surgeon, you can make a “pre-authorization appointment” with a Vaden MD using Vaden’s online trans* provider access. .  This MD at Vaden will make the medical referral to Health Net requesting  your initial consultation appointment with your chosen surgeon. 

  4. The referral for the initial consultation appointment with your chosen surgeon will then be reviewed for authorization by Health Net.  This process generally takes about 5 business days.  When the review is complete, you will be notified by mail/letter of the authorization status. You can also call to check the status of the authorization by calling 1-800-977-7282.

  5. Once this request for an initial consultation appointment has been pre-authorized by Health Net, you will be contacted by Health Net Case Manager Marie Fernandez (To contact Ms. Fernandez, 1-888-732-2730, option 3, option 1). She will assist you throughout the medical process.

  6. You will make an appointment with your chosen surgeon for the initial consultation appointment. Your surgeon and the Health Net Case Manager will manage any further authorizations with Health Net for the surgery.

If you have any problems with the process, CAPS Case Managers are here to help.  Just call or email for assistance.

Helpful Contacts:

Amy Wilkinson LCSW, CAPS Case Manager:
650-725-1355 or

Robyn Tepper, MD, Vaden Medical Director:
650-723-0932 or

Health Net, check status of authorization for consultation appointment:

Marie Fernandez, Health Net Case Manager:
1-888-732-2730, option 3, option 1



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